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We're part of the largest group of eligible voters in October’s federal election.
OUR votes can put Canada's healthcare on the agenda!

Your Vote Matters!

Advocacy is medicine. Patient advocacy doesn’t end at the hospital door.

Dr. Danielle Martin

Dr. Sandy Buchman

Dr. Jordyn Lerner

Dr. Emily Stewart and Dr. Vishal Varshney

Dr. Ann Collins

Dr. Colm McCarthy

Dr. Kimberly Williams

Dr. Michael Arget

Dr. Christina Nowik

Dr. Grace Warmels

Dr. Chris Charles

Dr. Egiroh Omene

Dr. Stephanie Smith

Dr. Najma Ahmed

Protect the future. Every election impacts the future of healthcare.

Dr. Gigi Osler

Dr. Melanie Bechard

Dr. Matthew Ho

Dr. Shannon Willmott

Dr. Derek Chan

Dr. Alana Fleet

Dr. Mike Macgillivary

Together we’re powerful. Our demographic determines election results.

Dr. Meghan Bhatia

Dr. Leo Fares

Dr. Sarah Silverberg

Dr. Pamela Lai

Dr. Tehmina Ahmad

Dr. Esther Kim

Dr. Aarun Leekha

Dr. Sey Shwetz

Dr. Mike Benusic

Together, we are powerful. I'm hopeful that this resource will motivate residents to have a record-breaking turnout in this year's extremely important election."

— Dr. Meghan Bhatia, Team Lead, RDoC Government Affairs Project Team

Vote and be counted!

You can register or update your registration information online or at your local Elections Canada office.
The deadline is October 15, 2019 at 6 p.m. (local time at your home address).

Canadians between 18 and 38

will make up the biggest group of eligible voters in October's election. Resident doctors represent that demographic, AND we have a unique perspective on the nation's healthcare needs.

Learn about the party platforms
and positions on healthcare »

Working on voting day?

Federal law dictates that all eligible voters are entitled to three consecutive hours to vote in a federal election. Your employer must permit you to arrive late, to leave early, or to take time during your workday to vote. There are also other ways to vote.

Learn more about your voting options »